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Neymar loses his sponsorship contract for an alleged sexual harassment case in the United States |  The National Gazette

Neymar loses his sponsorship contract for an alleged sexual harassment case in the United States | The National Gazette

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Nike breached the sponsorship contract with Neymar because it conducted an internal investigation into an alleged sexual harassment case.

New York, 2016: Neymar and Michael Jordan, world basketball superstar, jointly ran an ad campaign in the city. During this trip by the Brazilian striker, he told a Nike employee that she had been the victim of hotel harassment.

Two years later, during a meeting with company leaders, the employee filed the complaint and Nike opened an internal investigation, without involving the authorities.

The Wall Street Journal, one of the major newspapers in the United States, reported on Thursday (27) that Neymar would have refused to contribute to this investigation, and for this reason the company decided to terminate the contract he had entered into with an athlete since he was 13 years old.

Nike confirmed the content of the report and said the investigations were inconclusive.

Neymar arrived on Thursday (27) in Teresópolis, where the Brazilian national team prepares for the next two World Cup qualifiers. This Friday (the 28th), early in the afternoon, he talked about the case.

Through a long text on his social network, he said, “To say that my contract was annulled because I did not contribute in good faith to an investigation is absurd, false.” He stressed, “In 2017 I traveled again to the United States to announce the campaign, with the same people, nothing was told to me, nothing changed! In 2017, 2018, 2019 we did countless trips, campaigns and registration sessions. Nothing is told., To find out the true causes of your pain. This person, employee, was not protected. I am a sponsored athlete, I was not protected. Irony of fate will continue to mark my chest that betrayed me. ”

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The Brazilian Football Confederation also published a note and clarified that the selection coordinator, Juninho Paulista, spoke to Neymar and that “the player was calm and content to focus on participating in matches and qualifying matches, because his personal team is taking over the matter after. He has already appeared publicly.”

In training on Friday (28), Tete worked for the first time in the field. It’s been six months since the national team met at Granja Kumari. Among the 17 players was Neymar, who usually participated in the activity.