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Neymar designs a trio suitable for Paris Saint-Germain and defends Messi: 'It's the same'

Neymar designs a trio suitable for Paris Saint-Germain and defends Messi: ‘It’s the same’

Neymar He scored two goals and was the highlight of Paris Saint-Germain in crush by 4 to 0 About Nantes, who won the French Super Cup this afternoon (31). The other goals of the match were scored Messi and Sergio Ramos.

And in the interview that took place after the match, the Brazilian star was asked if a “new Messi” appears in Paris Saint-Germain, after a first season that he considered frustrating for the Argentine. Neymar took the opportunity to defend his companion and expected the trio with him and Mbappe (who was absent today) to be more efficient from now on.

“People talk a lot, they don’t know what we’re going through there. Messi is the same. He’s always a reference player, but sometimes things just don’t fit. Of course, we want everything to fit the three of us. “This season, it could all happen. Something in the best possible way for me, for Messi or for Mbappe. If the three of us are doing well, the team is in good shape,” said Neymar, who also took the opportunity to praise PSG’s performance:

“We played a good match against a team and it is also very good. It is important to start by getting a trophy. In the final it does not matter, you have to win”, he added the No. 10 shirt.

And the next Paris Saint-Germain match will be on Saturday (6), at 4 pm (GMT), against Clermont outside its home, in the first round of the French championship.

Neymar gives a medal to his teammates

It wasn’t enough to be one of the best players on the field, Neymar also drew attention outside of it, moments before the team won the French Super Cup. The Brazilian star showed Rebekah and handed the champion medals to the Paris Saint-Germain players.

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