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Next to Grêmio, Luiz Adriano split the family of Inter . fans

Next to Grêmio, Luiz Adriano split the family of Inter . fans

The player’s father, Adriano, for example, has a popular Twitter account, where he comments on every game in Colorado

Grêmio’s management has taken an important step towards determining the appointment of centre-forward Luiz Adriano, of Palmeiras. This is a request from Coach Luis Felipe Scolari, who wants to have another striker on the team.

The information that comes from Verdão is that the central striker has even settled wages with Tricolor, and the agreement between the clubs has been lost.

Off the field due to edema in his right knee, Luis Adriano has not played all seven matches in this Brazil so far, A number limit prevents transfer between first-class clubs.

The hiring of Luiz Adriano by Grêmio would split the striker’s family. The player’s father, Mr. Adriano, is an ardent Colorado, actively involved in social networks, making fun of his rival. In a popular video clip circulating in recent years, Adriano is shown scoring in the stands of Beira Rio:

“This is the Brazil I want, Grêmio f ***** every day! Ch ***, Grêmio, go and take it in…”

Luis Adriano’s three siblings follow the same streak as their father, as well as being recurring characters at Beira-Rio Stadium, at the Colorado Games, before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Report required goalMorello Sousa, one of Luis Adriano’s three brothers, has spoken of the possibility that his older brother could play for Grêmio.

“Every day I get messages from Colorado asking if I’ll let him go to Grêmio, but it’s not up to me or my dad. What’s for sure is that we won’t go to the ring, unless it’s for Inter fans in the Gre-Nal,” said Murillo Sousa, Brother of Luis Adriano:

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Luiz Adriano graduated in the Inter youth categories and was one of the highlights in winning the 2006 Club World Cup with Colorado. In the semi-final match against Al-Ahly, he scored the goal that gave Inter a 2-1 victory and ensured Colorado in the decision against Barcelona.

The moment of conquest is immortalized on the leg of the striker who tattooed the Club World Cup.

“He won’t take tattoos, if he comes to Grêmio he won’t have much to do, he’s a professional, it’s his profession and it doesn’t depend on me or my father. I think it’s unnecessary wear and tear, but that’s his profession and he’s one of the Decide”.

Grêmio’s management is secretly dealing with the attempt to hire Luiz Adriano and hopes to define negotiations in the coming days. The salary offered to the striker will be one of the highest in the tricolor squad, second only to Douglas Costa.