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Newspapers echo United's discontent

Newspapers echo United’s discontent

suffered defeat Manchester United Today (13) repercussions appeared in the British press. a Setback away from home 4-0 To Brentford, in the second round of Premier Leagueprompted criticism of the entire team, including Brazilian midfielder Fred, and left the team at the bottom of the tournament.

The Manchester Evening News evaluated the players after the match and spared no criticism. Cristiano Ronaldo Only 3 received, while midfielder Fred got 0. The performance of the Brazilian, who left the field at the end of the first half, was rated as poor.

De Gea also received many negative comments. The Guardian title highlighted the goalkeeper’s failures. “De Gea’s nightmare when Brentford put four on pathetic Manchester United.”

Also, former player Gary Navell did not take lightly with his comments on Sky Sports. “Ten Hag chose the least team he could expect to play against Brentford. You have to deal with the physical side of the Premier League. It was a men’s team against an under-9 team. Brentford was fantastic but Manchester United helped him,” he said.

The BBC described the result as humiliating. “Brentford put in a great performance in the first half, scoring four goals in the first 35 minutes to condemn Manchester United to a humiliating defeat.” According to the newspaper, this is the first time in more than 100 years that a coach has lost his first official match for the Reds. Eric Ten Hag repeated what happened to John Chapman in November 1921.

The Sun drew attention to Cristiano Ronaldo’s reactions after the goals scored by the opponent. And the newspaper highlighted in its headline, “Cristiano Ronaldo rages against Abelhas beats United.”

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De Gea takes responsibility for the defeat

Goalkeeper De Gea requested an interview with English Sky Sports at the end of the match and took responsibility for the team’s defeat.

“I want to take responsibility. It was a poor performance for me. We should have acted better, but I should have saved the first shot. If I had that, the result might be different. Maybe I should read the match better and kick the ball away.” We always try to play, we always try to get the ball. We are not like other teams. We see teams concede a goal and then win 5-1. For us, you made a mistake and that might change the outcome,” she analyzed.