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Newspaper: Guardiola brings Neymar closer to Barcelona after the crash of the Champions League

Newspaper: Guardiola brings Neymar closer to Barcelona after the crash of the Champions League

Elimination of Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City Submit something to talk about in European news. According to the newspaper ‘Sport’, with the achievement, Guardiola not only put the English team for the first time in the final, but also Close to Neymar’s return to Barcelona.

“The defeat of Paris Saint-Germain against Manchester City forces the Brazilian to take a step forward to return to Camp Nou (…) Neymar has no more obstacles to do the impossible to return to what he considers his home. From now on, the real thing is that the match between Barcelona and Paris is Saint Germain begins in the future. “

“Guardiola, who reached the Champions League final, not only succeeded in making history in Manchester, but indirectly served Barcelona’s interests. Neymar was not nearly as close to returning to Camp Nou as he was after losing to City.”

Contract for Neymar with the Parque dos Princes It is valid until June 2022 and so far the parties have not talked about the renewal.

Some rumors show the two sides have reached an agreement including, in a recent interview, Number 10 had already indicated that he would continue at the Parisian club.

How Neymar linked the chance to be the best in the world with the Champions League

do you think that Neymar Will he ever win the title of the best in the world? The possibility is there, but one thing is on the way: the Champions League. UOL Esporte Explica, together with Domitela Baker, explains how Barcelona’s departure necessarily linked the champions’ victory to the Brazilian being crowned the best player on the planet. a look:

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