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Newcastle update the health of a fan who fell ill in the match against Tottenham

Newcastle update the health of a fan who fell ill in the match against Tottenham

The panic occurred at the end of the first half between Newcastle and Tottenham, for the Premier League. The match had to be stopped

NS The fan who got sick During the match between Newcastle x Tottenham, this Sunday (12), by Premier League, really fine. In an official statement, he informed Alfinegro Club of his health, he is in a stable condition in hospital and has responded well after the panic in St James’ Park.

The match between Newcastle and Tottenham has been broadcasted exclusively to subscribers By ESPN on Star +.

“Newcastle United can confirm that the fan who required emergency medical care during the Premier League match against Tottenham Hotspur at St James’ Park on Sunday is stable and responding well in hospital,” the club said.

“The club would like to thank the fans for their quick action in raising the alarm and commend those who applied immediate chest compressions, as well as to the medical professionals on site who quickly provided emergency treatment with the defibrillator located near the scene,” continued.

“Our best wishes to the fans and their loved ones and we look forward to a speedy and complete recovery.”

The strong scene occurred at the end of the first stage between Newcastle and Tottenham. The visitors won 2-1 when the full-back appeared TottenhamAnd Reguilon, I noticed something strange in the stands and pointed to the referee. He was The fan is feeling sick and needs care.

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revive, He was taken to the hospital, and along the way, the transfer was informed that the condition was indeed stable.. When the match resumed, rival fans widely applauded Reguilón.

The match ended in a home defeat to magpie bird With a ratio of 3 to 2. As a result, Newcastle came second with three points, while Tottenham In fifth place, with 15 points.