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New scam may leave Nubank customers confused;  Check how it works

New scam may leave Nubank customers confused; Check how it works

Several people have reported a scam using Nubank’s name in phone calls. know more!

Telephone scam affecting Nubank customers. Hence, many users took to social networks to share that they are receiving calls from scammers pretending to be customer service representatives. Financial technology.

Furthermore, one of the concerns is that the number used in this scam is the same number that appears on the official Nubank platforms. This way, you can understand how this scam works and find out more information below.

Nubank customers reported a phone scam

Image: Minerva Studio / Shutterstock.com – Version: Your digital credit

Upon receiving the call, which appears to be from an official Nubank phone number, the customer hears a recording telling him about a purchase. So the sound indicates that the user must acknowledge or cancel this transaction.

In this sense, when a potential victim chooses to cancel, they are directed to a false position. So, the real person starts talking and asking questions about the customer’s account and whether the Nubank app is installed in order to carry out the scam.

In a report on social media, the person who received this type of call said that he did not have an account in that bank. Next, the scammer asks what other financial institutions he has access to. Check out the full report below.

What does Nobank say?

In view of this, when connected through the Terra portal, the bank issued a note stating that the scam used a technique called Plagiarism. This includes disguising the original phone number to make victims think the number is the official one.

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In brief, Nubank also stated that it has a special page on its blog that warns of scams using the institution’s name. He pointed out that the service channels are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to receive these complaints and take appropriate measures.

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Finally, the Financial technology It reiterates that it does not call customers and ask them to click on links, perform financial transactions and access the app on their phones.

Image: Minerva Studio / Shutterstock.com – Version: Your digital credit