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New report suggests ‘two leaks’ of Covid virus –

The office of Senator Roger Marshall, Republican of Kansas, has released a 300-page report on the origins of the virus that has spread around the world since 2020 and caused the Covid-19 pandemic. Extensive research spanning more than two years has shown “strong evidence” that two leaks from 2019 originate from a Chinese virology laboratory in Wuhan.

Called from Muddy water (Muddy Waters), a medical expert who led Operation Warp Speed, a public-private partnership launched in May 2020 to accelerate vaccine development and delivery, wrote the report.

American television networks such as Fox and ABC interviewed Marshall about the document. “This is huge. It’s a bombshell showing a preponderance of evidence that there were two lab leaks,” Senator Marshall told Fox. “If we had a yardstick and put all the evidence supporting natural leakage on one side and the laboratory origin on the other, I think 95% of that evidence is laboratory origin.”

The report suggests that the first leak of the coronavirus may have occurred in September 2019 – possibly earlier, in August – from a Wuhan laboratory. With that, the Chinese began vaccine research. “We think that this epidemic that has become an epidemic has really exploded,” Marshall said. “Probably they are working on this vaccine in animals in a lab at Wuhan University. We think there was some kind of accidental release of an aerosol from that lab or a lab worker came out of that lab with this highly contagious virus.”

Then, in November, another SARS-CoV-2 outbreak occurred. This theory is mainly based on China’s Covid vaccine development timeline: Chinese military scientist Zhou Yusen, who later died under mysterious circumstances, should have filed a vaccine patent based on Operation Warp Speed ​​in February 2019. Schedule.

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According to the senator, one of the most alarming revelations involved details about the virus that suggested cutting-edge developments such as functional gain research: the virus was taken from animals for synthetic engineering in the laboratory “to make it more contagious. and deadly”. to humans,” he said.

“This virus is so perfect. When it came out of that lab, it was so perfect. It fits like a key in the lock of human lung cells,” Marshall told Fox.

On Twitter, the senator said: “We must put more safeguards in place on dangerous profit-taking polls and ensure that deadly polls are never leaked again.”

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has agreed to fund research on bats infected with the coronavirus at a lab in Wuhan — despite repeated denials by Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s health adviser.

Although the White House, health officials and the mainstream press initially dismissed the lab leak theory as “conspiracy theorists”, investigations in recent months have shown the possibility to be more plausible. Very much Department of Energy as director FBIChristopher Wray showed evidence of a possible leak.

China denies any leaks and has always banned investigations into the lab.

China’s mistakes don’t justify America’s mistakes, the senator said. Senator Marshall said: “We need to look at ourselves and think about all the mistakes we’ve made. “Why does the NIH continue to withhold information from us and other government agencies? “USAID, the Department of Defense is hiding information from Congress and will not allow them to see the truth”, he questioned.

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