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Did you work in 2020?  You can get R$1,212 to receive it from PIS/Pasep

New PIS Consultation Surprises Brazilians; know how to do

a PIS (Social Integration Program) It is intended for workers who formally perform their activities under a formal contract. Created by law in 1970, the program targets employees of private companies. The PASEP system works in the same way, however, it is aimed at public officials.

First, it is important to stress that, contrary to popular belief, PIS/PASEP are not the same thing. However, they work very similarly.

For those who do not know, these are programs in which companies deposit a monthly amount. Thus, the amount is directed to the Workers’ Support Fund, which pays unemployment insurance benefits and a salary bonus.

but after all, How do I know if I am entitled to a PIS? Learn how to consult in a very simple way!

How can I check if I can get benefits?

In the beginning, it is important to note that once you are registered with PIS, you do not need to worry anymore. This is because it is permanent.

In this way, an amount related to the salary premium is released each year. However, only some people are entitled to this payment.

In this year 2022, for example, Brazilian citizens who meet the following requirements will receive:

  • have worked with an official contract signed by a legal entity for at least 30 days in 2020;
  • They have been registered in the PIS system for at least 5 years;
  • By the time they worked in 2020, they received an amount of minimum wage;
  • Keep your data up to date on RAI/e-social.

In general, the requirements are the same every year. The only change that occurs is in the base year, which is the first requirement in the list above. So, for example, if PIS/PASEP wages are paid in 2021, employees who have worked on an official contract for at least 30 days will get paid in 2021.

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However, the amount available can now be referenced through the working portfolio app. It is available for Android and iPhone devices, which you can download from your cell phone’s app store. You can also consult the information by calling the number provided by Caixa: 0800.726.0207 or by calling the Alô Cidadão central number 158.

PIS payment schedule

The amounts related to the Pis payment have already been released. Therefore, at the end of March, payments were made to all people. According to Caixa, for citizens with a bank account, the payment was made there.

In the absence of a citizen’s bank account, the amount is available through the application’s digital social savings square his. It is possible to transfer funds to other accounts within the application. Therefore, throughout the article we leave the answer to your question: How do I know if I am entitled to a PIS?. So, if you are among the deserving, check the ransom as soon as possible.

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