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New PIS 2023 Calendar: R$1,302 of PIS 2023 was early today (03/25)?  See here the PIS schedule and how to withdraw the PIS

New PIS 2023 Calendar: R$1,302 of PIS 2023 was early today (03/25)? See here the PIS schedule and how to withdraw the PIS

a Pis / Pasep It is a benefit for workers who perform their activities formally, with an official contract. Specifically, salary bonus is paid annually, both for those who work in private companies and for public servants.

to push Pis / Pasep It is awarded according to the time the citizen worked during the base year. It is important to note that this year’s salary bonus deposit is in arrears, due to payments being halted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, beneficiaries receive amounts indicating the PIS/Pasep base year of 2021.

This year the government expects to serve 23.6 million workers. Many doubt the possibility of launching a new calendar, as well as expect to pay. However, it is known that the government did not confirm this idea.

To date, beneficiaries born from January to April received values PIS. In addition to workers who are entitled pasbwhich has an interest end at 0 that it 1 They also benefited.

It is important to note that the PIS (Social Integration Program) payments, intended for employees of a private company, are administered by Caixa Economica Federal. Pasep (Public Servants Asset Formation) funds are paid to public servants by Banco do Brasil.

Who is eligible for PIS/PASEP in April?

To receive a salary allowance PIS/PASEPThe worker must meet certain criteria. are they:

  • be enrolled in the PIS/PASEP system for at least five years;
  • have performed official business activity (signed portfolio) for at least 30 days;
  • to receive a monthly salary of not less than a minimum wage;
  • Submit your data on the Annual Social Information List (RAIS) or e-Social by the contracting company.
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What is the value of PIS/PASEP?

It is important to highlight that the value of the PIS / PASEP part depends on the time of work with the formal contract in the evaluation year. Thus, the greater the working time during the 12 months of the year, the higher the value benefit. Look at the proportions:

  • Work for 1 month – R$ 108.50;
  • 2 months of work – R$ 217.00;
  • 3 months of work – R$ 325.50;
  • 4 months of work – R$434.00;
  • 5 months of work – R$ 542.50;
  • Work for 6 months – R$651.00;
  • 7 months of work – R$759.50;
  • 8 months of work – R$868.00;
  • 9 working months – R$976.50;
  • Work for 10 months – R$1,085.00;
  • 11 working months – R$ 1,193.50;
  • Worked for 12 months – R$1,302.00.

How do you consult a PIS / PASEP batch?

Find out how to consult interest with our Digital Business Card (CTD) app:

April PIS/PASEP with confirmed list of beneficiaries. Photo: playback.

  1. access to the application available for Android and iOS;
  2. Login with Gov.br data;
  3. select the “benefits” option;
  4. Next, select “Salary Allowance”;
  5. Finally, find the base year, in this case, 2021;
  6. At that time, the balance and payment history will be displayed.

In addition to this medium, Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil provide their own channels of consultation. look:


  • website of Box;
  • digital business card
  • Workers’ Fund
  • She has a chest.


  • website of BB;
  • On helplines: 0001 4004 or 0800 729 0001.

Payment schedule


  • January born: 02/15/2023
  • February born: 02/15/2023
  • March born: 03/15/2023
  • Born in April: 03/15/2023
  • Born in May: 04/17/2023
  • Born in June: 04/17/2023
  • July born: 05/15/2023
  • August born: 06/15/2023
  • Born in September: 07/15/2023
  • October born: 07/15/2023
  • Born in November: 07/17/2023
  • December born: 07/17/2023
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  • Registration end 0: 02/15/2023
  • End of registration 1: 15/03/2023
  • End of registration 2: 17/04/2023
  • End of registration 3: 17/04/2023
  • Registration end 4: 05/15/2023
  • Registration end 5: 15/05/2023
  • Registration end 6: 06/15/2023
  • Registration end 7: 06/15/2023
  • Registration end 8: 07/17/2023
  • Registration end 9: 17/07/2023