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New Instagram tool for sharing content!

Currently, TikTok is one of the most competitive social networks with Instagram. Continuously, users of both networks compare the service provided by the two platforms. Whenever there is a new update for an app, it affects the time that internet users spend on each app.

Recently, it was introduced new tool from Instagram; See what has changed.

Instagram service update

Since the popularization of TikTok, Instagram has adapted to some tools, such as creating videos. These changes are intended to increase the consumption and posting time on the network by users when compared to the other.

In this sense, the well-known Insta periodically offers new updates to attract its audience more. a new instagram tool It’s still being tested, but some accounts may already have access to it.

If any user is interested in downloading third-party videos created on the platform, this can only be done through another application, because in the Instagram toolkit this activity is not yet possible.

However, the expected change has arrived! Now it is possible Get off Video clipsreelsthat the person finds interesting, directly in the profile of the account that posted.

Since it is still in the testing phase, not everyone has access to this new tool. However, it is already known that among the three dot options located in the lower right corner of the screen.

The ability to download the produced videos was already available on the competing app, TikTok. The network allows you to download videos from third parties after being published and with the username so that, when sharing, people can identify which account the content belongs to.

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This last point is key for content creators, as it invites new viewers to discover what is being produced on a given profile.

More details will likely be released soon regarding the new Instagram update and how it will indicate the algorithm of accounts.