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Neto questions Sylvinho's choices and says the Flamengo holders will beat Corinthians

Neto questions Sylvinho’s choices and says the Flamengo holders will beat Corinthians

a Corinthians defeats Flamengo, On Wednesday night, it was echoed by Lieutenant Colonel Neto. Once again, he criticized coach Sylvinho’s picks for the match, mainly due to midfielders Vitino and Luan in the second half.

Congratulations, Sylvino! How do you put Vitino to play on the left side to score? You have Rooney, and there’s Edson, and there’s Mantuan… 0-0 for Corinthians to be defeated. Then you, Sylvinho, put on Luan’s! Renato Augusto, with only one leg, you leave him on the field‘ asked the presenter during the program ball holders.

Until the 48 minutes of the final stage, the duel was tied without goals. In injury time, Bruno Henrique, who came off the bench, headed the winning goal. Neto highlighted the fact that Flamengo played in the match with a substitute team and stated that if they had entered the field with the hosts, they would have crushed Corinthians.

“And it wasn’t even the mixed team of Flamengo on the field. Nor Bauro! There was only one player. It was Pangozinho!”

If it wasn’t for Cassio yesterday, it would be a defeat. Make one, two, three, four balls (save) on the crossbar. The third Flamengo team. If the starting lineup is turned on, it will take six or sevenThe former player continued.

With 50 points, Timão is still in fifth place. The 52-year-old Red Bull Bragantino is the first team in the G4. Neto has questioned the board over Sylvinho’s maintenance in a possible dispute with the Libertadores in 2022.

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The presenter concluded, “Will you leave Sylvinho, Fernando and Doreva to pre-Libertadores? Lose again!”

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