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Neto criticizes Roger Geddes's stance on Pereira's coldness and asks the Corinthians player to leave

Neto criticizes Roger Geddes’s stance on Pereira’s coldness and asks the Corinthians player to leave

One of the greatest idols in Corinthians history, midfielder Neto dismissed striker Roger Guedes’ attitude by ignoring coach Vitor Pereira’s hug. The scene occurred after Timão’s victory over Red Bull Bragantinofrom 1 to 0, for the Brazilian Championship.

Here comes this guy (Róger Guedes), who earns R$1.5 million a month, he’s not an idol from Corinthians, and treats Vitor Pereira like he’s nobody. Embarrassing cum. But the Vice President is a lot more man than Rogue Guedes, he still embraces Guedes‘ Nito said during the program ball holdersGive Bandeirantes TVon Monday – See the video below.

Last Wednesday, in front of Deportivo Cali of Colombia, Roger Guedes was on the bench Victor Pereira. The player has not been used in a match for the first time since being signed by Timão.

The situation in the match happened after Roger Guedes’ statements about the rotation made by Vitor Pereira in the Parque São Jorge team. In a calm tone, the No. 9 shirt stated that he had no problem with the exchanges, but made it clear that he would like to play longer. Last Sunday, Guedes was on the field until the 23rd minute of the second half, when he was replaced by Joao Victor.

Roger Geddes does not think of Corinthians. The Vice President at that moment did not give much importance. But today it has become the subject of all media and our subject. Either you, Duílio (Corinthians chief) will take action with Róger Guedes or he will end up with the team. It just didn’t happen there. I don’t think Roger Guedes will stay until the end of the year, if he receives an offer he will leave,” said Neto.

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Duílio, I will give you some advice live: Either you kill the snake now or you go to the man, meet Róger Guedes with everyone and say: ‘You did not respect the coach, you do not respect the man. I’m a family man, how do you do this to me in front of everyone? Who gave you this right? “

In 2022, Róger Guedes has already played 22 matches for the Corinthians. There are 13 victories, three draws and six defeats, in which the No. 9 shirt has scored seven goals. The player is Timão’s top scorer of the season.

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