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Neto criticizes CR7 and Pogba’s “hypocrisy” in cases with Coca-Cola and Heineken

Neto criticizes CR7 and Pogba’s “hypocrisy” in cases with Coca-Cola and Heineken

Host of Os Donos da Bola, he criticized Neto Cristiano Ronaldo And Pogba He took, respectively, bottles of Coca-Cola and Heineken Beer – sponsors of the European Cup – during their press conferences. In the opinion of the presenter, the players showed “hypocrisy” in their positions.

“Here comes Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo, you go damn house. If you don’t like Coca-Cola, I do.” Oh, water is important. Don’t sell Coca-Cola in your hotels? Advertise a beer. Come now play with a six-pack? Who says women only like a six-pack. You mean obese people, who have breasts, can’t drink Coca-Cola? you may! You can drink dolly, Netto said in today’s edition of Os Donos da Bola today: Guaraná, Poty. Here, comes that lollipop. And the guy came from Russia and took it and what’s the problem?

“Here comes Pogba and takes the beer away from Heineken.” I don’t want that because I’m a Muslim. Oh, did not all Muslims ever drink beer? That’s right. player from football. you are kidding? Guys pay millions to sponsor a European Cup that barely has fans and you guys do it? “, he added.

For Neto, the positions of Cristiano Ronaldo and Pogba are comparable to what Globo TV does when he omitted the name Red Bull in football broadcasts and Formula 1.

“If Coca-Cola gave 50 million euros, wouldn’t you take it? If there was something good, it was Coca-Cola. A hot mix with eggs and Coca-Cola, something better. Last year Pepsi announced. And it’s such hypocrisy. It’s like not Speaking of Red Bull. They don’t talk about Red Bull in Formula 1. Look what they spend money on. But they don’t give Globo the money, and then they don’t say the name,” he added.

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