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Nella Fontenelli is editor and science and health programmer | Cities

Nella Fontenelli is editor and science and health programmer | Cities

Photo: Aurelio Alves
Journalist Nella Fontinelli, Editor-in-Chief and Presenter of the Ciência & Saúde programme

In a new challenge on O POVO CBN Radio and on the pages of the peoplethe Journalist Nella Fontenelli He is a columnist and editor-in-chief of the magazine. Science and Healththe well-known reports issued on Sundays, digitally and in print.. The health and well-being column will be published every Wednesday in the Cities section starting on the 10th, and before that, this Saturday the 6th, at 11 a.m., the program that takes the name of the notebook.

Nila points out that what is expected in this new phase is to give more space to talk about quality of life, longevity and well-being, in order to talk about health from the perspective of health, not just disease. In addition to addressing issues related to modern and post-modern life that generate disease.

“We intend to give more space to these issues and open spaces for more connections with people who are developing technology and treatments that help people earn a living, not just productivity, but well-being.”

Nella also says she welcomes the new challenge as a gift of new beginnings. “For me, it’s a new beginning. I’ve been in economics for 32 years, which is a field that I really enjoy, which has been my life. And my work with well-being began in my life, with taking care of my health and well-being. So I’m getting this as a gift,” he said.

Another novelty in print the people It is the arrival of the Tecnosfera column led by journalist Hamilton Nogueira, which, from Saturday the 6th, will be part of the economy pages.

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News on O POVO CBN Radio

With the change, the Guia Econômico program, previously presented by Neila, becomes part of the O POVO da Tarde program – now longer – presented by journalist Maísa Vasconcelos with the participation of Economy magazine’s deputy editor Irna Cavalcante.

The changes in programming expand the concept of radio linked to the Ceará agenda, a panorama that was already being worked on, says OPOVO CBN Radio Press Director, Jusélio Leal.

“O POVO CBN Radio is a radio that combines the editorial line focused on the general interest of Ceará with topics of interest to the local audience without losing contact with the national audience via CBN and this applies to both the radio in Fortaleza and O POVO CBN Cariri “, he points out.

Leal also highlights that the new programme on the schedule will include live interviews with health workers as well as listener engagement via WhatsApp and the social networks of both radio stations.

Furthermore, the O POVO debate program is now presented by journalist and columnist Henrique Araujo. Journalist Marcos Tardin, who previously presented the program, now heads the 6pm edition of O POVO News, while Italo Coriolano begins presenting the morning edition of the newspaper.