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Neighbor complains about women's 'short' clothes: 'My husband sees'

Neighbor complains about women’s ‘short’ clothes: ‘My husband sees’

An American woman was surprised to find a handwritten letter pinned to her door asking her to cover her body while taking out the trash.

Part of the note reads “My husband can see you,” which states that a woman leaves the house without pants when it’s time to throw the trash.

The woman, known only as Emily, posted a video on TikTok, showing how shocked she was to find the message had been pinned to her door for no reason, as she had no idea what she was — or her lack of — clothes. uncomfortable.

Then she decided to record a video in the form of a spree and post it on her profile on the platform, where a photo appears with the entire ticket, which says in English:

“Hey, my husband can see you on camera. Please put your pants on when you take out the trash,” she asked, before signing the note as “your neighbour.”

Despite her indignation, Emily says that she does not intend to do anything against the neighbor, only saying that she is a “good” person and that she does not care about the opinion of the neighbor.

Emily refused to give in to her neighbor’s demands and joked about the situation in her video, which has since garnered more than 1.8 million views and 23,000 likes.

In the letter, the woman explained that the reason for the request was to prevent her husband from seeing Emily “without pants”.

Photo: Playback / TikTok

One commented, “Write again: Thanks, but I’m fine. Talk to your husband, not me.” While another said, “No. Tell them to turn the camera off.” One user wondered, “It makes me wonder who can see me when I’m in my own backyard.”

In a later video, Emily continued to joke about the situation, dancing without pants and only wearing a sweatshirt and sunglasses.

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