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Neferiad appeared in the Book of Genesis, and was not in Joseph of Egypt

Who is watching the series? origin comes across frames Neferiades (Dendera Albuquerque) for seduction Joseph (Giuliano welding). wife Potivar It turns out that Val Perry is a nymphomaniac and tries everything to take the boy’s virginity.

son Israel (Petrônio Gontijo), however, rejects all Egyptian advances and ends up paying dearly for it. He is accused of raping her and ends up in prison and has difficult days in prison.


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The classic story of the first book of the Bible is told in the final stage of the novel, but is already depicted in another plot. In 2013, TV recording Produce the series Youssef Al-Masry, focusing only on this section.

Comparing the two productions, viewers realized that Potiphar’s wife had different names. If she called in the Book of Genesis Nephriades, her name was in Joseph the Egyptian Hours.

In fact, this is not a mess, because the Bible does not indicate the name of the girl. “After a while, his master’s wife began to lust for him and called him: Come, lie with me!”, as the Bible says when depicting Joseph’s arrival at Potiphar’s house.

If Dandara defended the role of women in Genesis, in the miniseries Sati was responsible for her Larissa Maciel. The actress embodied a cunning Egyptian who does everything to spoil the servant who lives in him Angelo Paes Lim. Potiphar was played by Thumaturgue Ferreira.

As in the current TV series, Sati made Jose’s life a real hell. After being accused, he started an affair with love (Iran Malfitano). Neferíades will be involved with Teruel (Amauri de Oliveira).

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Sati’s fate in Yusuf Egypt was tragic. After she was caught cheating on her husband, she was found guilty and had her nose cut off and left completely disfigured. It is not yet known, but in Genesis, Neferiad should receive the same punishment.