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NBA Night Has New Curry Show, Sleepy Lakers & Damien Lillard |  NBA

NBA Night Has New Curry Show, Sleepy Lakers & Damien Lillard | NBA

The round from Friday to Saturday was crowded in the NBA. As if the tour’s nine matches weren’t enough, tonight saw a new Stephen Curry show on The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics away from home. Another inspiring night was Damien Lillard. With 43 points, he led the Portland Trail Blazers to a 125-116 victory over the Charlotte Hornets.

Stephen Curry shines again – Photo: Maddie Malhotra / Getty Images

The mighty Los Angeles Lakers lived in a different situation. On a sleepy night, the team of LeBron James and Russell Westbrook were easy prey for the Minnesota Timberwolves of Karl-Anthony Towns, Victory Ruler 110 to 92. Check out the top 10 highlights of the tour and some fun facts about the night:

Check out the NBA Friday Night Top 10

Basket Almost out of court

Despite losing 116-112 to the New Orleans Pelicans, the Milwaukee Bucks played the game’s most impressive move. Closely marked by the opponent’s defense, Jrue Holiday scrambled to the finish line and shot almost from outside the court. The ball passed over the backboard and had a nice impact before falling into the basket.

Carrie goes dribbling and makes the basket

Stephen Curry was the top scorer in the Warriors’ victory with 30 points, diabolical. In the most beautiful move of Friday’s game, he controlled the ball in the middle of the court, dripping through two observers with the right to turn and make the basket.

One of the New Orleans Pelicans’ highlights was Brandon Ingram, leading the Milwaukee Bucks’ runaway defense. In one of the game’s most beautiful moves, he won the ball against two scorers and provided a superb assist to Herbert Jones to score.

Robert Williams III Air Bridge

And who said you don’t have an airlift at night? In the game between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, Jaylen Brown sent Robert Williams III flying and sending the ball to the basket. Williams had only seven points that night, but it was the Celtics’ best rebound with 11 ground runs.

Entrada de Damien Lillard

How about a immersion like this to raise the crowd? One of Damien Lillard’s best shots in the Portland Trail Blazers’ win over the Charlotte Hornets was when he grabbed the ball from mid-range, sprinted and went into the spike, leaving the scorers dumbfounded.

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