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National Trust for Indigenous Peoples – Jonia Wapichana gets UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary to address environmental projects.

With the aim of re-establishing international partnerships and promoting environmental projects with traditional communities, Jonia Wapichana, President of the National Trust for Indigenous Peoples (Funai), received a visit from David Rutley, UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Americas and the Caribbean. , at the Foundation’s headquarters in Brasilia (DF), this Thursday (16).

In a conversation marked by British bravado and Brazilian authenticity, David Rutley expressed concern for the climate issue and expressed the United Kingdom’s intention to cooperate with the initiatives of indigenous associations. Progress in dialogue between the two countries, particularly in relation to sustainable development projects, was highlighted in the meeting between the Trustee and the Parliamentary Under-Secretary.

In turn, Zonia explained the current situation of the Foundation, the limited number of employees and lack of financial resources. The President addressed Funai’s role in protecting the rights of indigenous peoples and the tribal organization’s technical capacity in demarcating, surveying and monitoring indigenous lands. Citing Brazil’s polarized political climate, Zonia highlighted the importance of non-indigenous people understanding the presence of indigenous representatives in the current government.

Liaison Office / Funai

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