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NASA reveals the possibility of an asteroid Bennu colliding with Earth

NASA reveals the possibility of an asteroid Bennu colliding with Earth

Bennu, an asteroid over 300 meters long, has little chance of colliding with Tera. However, this collision is unlikely to happen any time soon. According to researchers at NASAThe chance is 1 in 1750 between now and 2300.

The estimate is more pessimistic than the previous estimate, which indicated one chance in 2700 until the year 2200. However, the chances of an impact are still very far away.

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Bennu’s path is well known, and it becomes even more alarming around the year 2135. The asteroid will come very close to us, at a distance of about 200,000 kilometers, half the distance between Earth and the Moon.

It is estimated that September 24, 2182 is the most worrying of all, although the probability of this being a bad day is only 0.037%. Despite being tall, Bennu does not have enough mass to cause the extinction of global dimensions.

To arrive at these estimates, NASA scientists rely on data from the Osiris-Rex spacecraft, which landed at Bennu in 2020 and studied the asteroid closely. The spacecraft left Bennu about three months ago and is now returning to Earth to bring samples of rock and dust collected from the asteroid for detailed laboratory studies.

According to NASA, the real danger of a collision with an asteroid comes from invisible rocks, since about 40% of Bennu-sized asteroids relatively close to Earth have not yet been found.

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