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NASA discovers a way to find signs of life on Mars

NASA discovers a way to find signs of life on Mars

According to a new NASA experiment, it is possible to find it signs of life Old on Mars. You only need to dig two meters or more into the soil on the surface red planet. This feat is likely due to amino acids remaining from a time when the planet of the solar system might have been inhabited.

Researchers and scientists from the American space company are seeking the paths of these Amino acids. According to the Scripps Research Institute, these compounds are believed to have played a role in creating life as we know it.

Finding these amino acids could be the key to understanding chemical and biological training One of the proteins necessary to create life in other stars as well. Despite the promising understanding, there is some concern on the part of scientists.

This is due to the fact that Mars is not surrounded by a magnetic field, as well as the presence of a very fragile atmosphere.

The lack of a strong atmosphere makes its entire surface vulnerable to cosmic radiation. And it is precisely this radiation that has the ability to destroy amino acids.

“Our results indicate that amino acids are damaged by cosmic rays in rocks and regolith on Mars at much faster rates than previously thought,” said Alexander Pavlov of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Pavlov explained that the current missions of the US space company are aimed at diving about five centimeters deep in the soil of Mars. The goal is to avoid the destruction of the amino acids, as it would take 20 million years to completely destroy the compound in the rock.

Precious amino acids have not yet been found on Mars, but they have been discovered meteorites that came from red planetraises the hopes of scholars. Researchers are racing against time in the hope of finding a solution in Martian soil.

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