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Nando Reyes and Petit perform an unprecedented show at Espaço Unimed |  SEGS

Nando Reyes and Petit perform an unprecedented show at Espaço Unimed | SEGS

Two of the greatest Brazilian artists, Pitty and Nando Reis, have been working since last year on a unique show project, where they will tour Brazil, and on Friday, September 23, they will arrive in São Paulo, at Espaço Unimed. Dubbed “As Sua, as Minhas e as Nossas,” the tour will bring two songs together from their repertoire, with new arrangements, reinterpretations and even unreleased songs.

This story began when Betty sang a version of “Relicário” on Saia Justa (GNT), of which she was one of the hosts. Nandu listened and sent a message saying he was happy to re-read. Betty’s leg: “Shall we do something together?” Then came the first partnership, the very old Bolstano school samba song “Tiro no Curacao”, recorded in 2021. Then came the uncontrollable desire to meet on this unprecedented tour.

Gironde Petit Nando, as they joke, unites the two artists and bands on stage, offering a music list of more than 20 songs. “There won’t be two shows, but one hybrid show, with bands and repertoires coexisting,” Petty says. “Just imagining being with Nando on stage in a joint show and sharing the genius, energy and originality of one of the greatest creators of Brazilian music (and rock!) is something that moves me right now. What a joy to bring these musical universes together! What world are we going to create with our mix of songs?” I feel like experiencing a real Big Bang; the impending sensation of the life ahead explosion and sharing this unique and exclusive moment with the audience” – he concludes.

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Nando Reese is excited too. “My house is everything and more. An independent and real voice, bound not to anything other than his belief in freedom of existence, in the singularity of swing, in the omnipresent summit of the world. Joining her is like the heart of a key: the light shines, the star of the sound shines. I am with Pitty and I go with all something, ‘PittyNando’ in that wave” – ​​he commented.

The band that will accompany them consists of musicians who are already playing with one or the other: Martin Mendonca (guitar), Felipe Cambria (bass), Daniel Wexler (drums), Alex Valli (keyboards) and Paolo Kishimoto (steel roll and percussion instrument), who also signs the musical direction Along with my house.

The list of songs they will present is a mix of songs for each one with new arrangements and great songs: “All Star” (Nando Reis), “Máscara” (Pitty), “Do Seu Lado” (Nando Reis), “Adora I” (Pitty) and many more Other surprises.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online or at the box office of Espaço Unimed.

About Unimed Space

Re-opened in 2012, Espaço Unimed is the new name of Espaço das Américas, established as the largest space for concerts, social events, companies and exhibitions in São Paulo, with a capacity of 8 thousand people. 2011, Ensuring the comfort and well-being of the public. The new stage has been developed to provide better visibility from all angles, giving customers more convenience for small and large performances.

Contemporary architecture and décor signed by Spaniard Carlos Fiqueira offer innovative solutions that provide flexibility and sophistication to attend events and turn them into fantastic events.

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Among the main differences of the house are its accessible location, close to Barra Funda subway station and main roads, as well as its versatility assuming different layouts and configurations. In the internal structure, there is a luxurious entrance hall for 1,000 people, a main hall of about 3,500 square meters, five screens with front projection, central air conditioning, four bars, two cabins with exclusive bathrooms and four comfortable dressing rooms with balcony. Living room. Additionally, Espaço Unimed has its own buffet and industrial kitchen that develops set menus for each event, with the ability to serve up to 4,000 dinners at a time.

Services – Nando Reis and Betty with the “As Sua, as Minhas e as Nossas” Tour at Espaço Unimed
Show: Nando Reis and Betty with the “As Sua, as Minhas e as Nossas” Tour at Espaço Unimed
Date: September 23, 2022 (Friday)
House opening: 20:30
Show start: 22:30
Location: Espaço Unimed (Rua Tagipuru, 795 – Barra Funda – São Paulo – SP)
Age classification: 16 years old
Disabled access: Yes
House capacity for this event: 7,164
Tickets: Track (1st lot): R$120.00 (full) and R$60.00 (half) | Sectors A, B and C: SAR 280.00 (full) and SAR 140.00 (half) | Sectors E, F and G: SAR 240.00 (full) and SAR 120.00 (half) | Cabin A: R$ 280.00 (complete and single) | Cabin B: R$ 240.00 (complete and single) | Mezzanine (1st lot): 180.00 (full) and R$90.00 (half).
Buying tickets: At the ticket offices of Espaço Unimed (Mon-Sat 10am-7pm – no convenience fee) or online through the Ticket 360 website (Ticket360>Pitty and Nando Reis)
Payment methods: cash, credit and debit cards, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club and Red Shop. Checks are not accepted.
Prohibited Items: Professional or semi-professional shooting camera (large cameras with external zoom or that change lenses), camcorders, audio recorders, laser pens, any type of tripod, selfie stick, team jerseys, chains and belts, plastic bottles, Alcoholic beverages, toxic substances, fireworks, flammable materials in general, things that can cause injuries, firearms, white weapons, glasses, glasses in general, whole fruits, aluminum cans, umbrellas, newspapers, magazines, flags, banners, motorcycle helmets and the like.

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security protocol

To ensure a safe event for all and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, we follow the protocols required by the SP state government, as such it will be mandatory to be present at the time of entry to access the event, in addition. To your ticket and the original document (RG or CNH), the proof below:

– A second or single dose vaccination card which can be physical or digital (“Conecte SUS”, “Poupatempo Digital” or “E-Saúde SP” applications).
– The house has 70 degrees of alcohol gel in the totems distributed in different parts of the house.
– Use a protective mask

This protocol can be modified according to the epidemiological moment during the event.