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Nail biting and peeling photo of Duchess that proves she is ‘very bad’ – Metro World News Brasil

Nail biting and peeling photo of Duchess that proves she is ‘very bad’ – Metro World News Brasil

Meghan Markle remains one of the most followed celebrities ever Haters Since his departure from the royal family besides Prince Harry And his exposure to problems with the royal family, which made every appearance full of excitement Criticism and severe blame.

You Former Dukes of Sussex I tried to make life into it Hollywood Which they were not very lucky with, after the contracts they had were cancelled, as was the case with them Spotify Although they try to avoid exposure when moving to… United StateStay in the eye of the hurricane.

The former actress, in particular, was the target of criticism, as they accused her of being the reason for Harry’s separation from his family, but they also criticized her for her quarrels with Kate Middleton, and for making harsh comparisons between them.

The photo of Meghan Markle that angered people because of her neglected nails

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle He attended the opening of the institute’s new facilities Warrior fitness program On the West Coast in downtown San Diego on November 8.

For this event, the youngest son of King Charles III He gave an emotional speech, but again, the person who became the subject of comments (not positive comments) was his wife, who, in the middle of another person’s remarks, was caught giving an exaggerated salute to one of those present, which was considered a gesture Rude because she didn’t respect whoever was speaking.

despite of Megan They were using a Black suitYour nails stole all the attention when you wore them Peeling red nail polish And nails with evidence Bites.

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One user on Twitter said about the moment: “Meghan Markle is doing what she always does! Stealing the spotlight. Someone is giving a speech. Harry is waiting to give his speech. But Meghan interrupts him.”

Likewise, the Markle’s face She was also the subject of jokes, as she was later photographed posing and showing her skin “Dry” and “aging”.

“What happened to your face? It’s bald and its nails are unpainted. It’s barely surviving, let alone thriving,” “I’m afraid I liked that face better than nail-biting,” the others commented.

We cannot forget that a few weeks ago, Former Duchess of Sussex She was seen wearing an anti-anxiety patch, revealing that the pressure she was subjected to from the media affected her Psychological health.