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Mystery Continues: Girl Who Claimed To Be Madeleine McCann Didn’t Exist Until She Was Five – NEWS

Mystery Continues: Girl Who Claimed To Be Madeleine McCann Didn’t Exist Until She Was Five – NEWS

German Julia Faustina, who claimed to be Madeleine McCann, “did not exist” for the first five years of her life, according to private investigator Via Johansson, who is assisting the young woman in the case.

Julia ignited an internet firestorm when she shared alleged evidence suggesting she could be Madeline, the Leicestershire girl who, at the age of three, disappeared during a family holiday in Portugal in 2007.

However, the information has now been left open by Julia herself, which does not mean that the mysteries surrounding the German’s childhood have been solved.

Fia, who previously assisted law enforcement in missing persons cases in the United States, is a key part of the investigation and has traveled to Poland, where Julia lives, to visit her and look into allegations she has made.

In an interview with RadarOnline, the investigator said her team had not found any hospital records for Julia in Wroclaw – the city where she was supposedly raised – relating to her first five years of life.

“It was so weird because everything in Julia’s health book, everything, started at age 5. So everything from age 0 to age 5, everything is missing!”

Furthermore, the Fia reported that there was no signature from a physician showing that any of the records on file had been removed. “It just wasn’t around during that time period.”

Julia has previously stated that she does not remember much of her childhood and that she was never treated as part of the family by her parents or siblings.

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She also alleged that she was abused by a German pedophile who appeared to be a former suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance, raising suspicions that she might be the missing girl.

The Polish police have already reported that there is enough evidence that Madeleine and Julia are not the same person, but loopholes about the Polish past remain unfilled.

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The young woman claiming to be Madeleine lists points that support her theory