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Mysterious Bitcoin Creator Will Get An Unidentified Statue In Hungary; Fahm – 06/03/2021

One of the main mysteries of technology is who created it Bitcoin. even with Your real name is unknownHungary has announced that it will get the world’s first statue in honor of the person responsible for an invention Cryptocurrency.

The name Satoshi Nakamoto He is credited with creating Bitcoin, but it is believed that he is a pseudonym or a group of people behind the digital currency.

Then those responsible for the statue devised a way to honor without giving an exact face. In place, a mirror-like material will be placed. Anyone who gets close will see his reflection.

The sculpture will be a life-size bronze bust located in Graphisoft Park, a science and technology park near the Danube River in Budapest.

“We are all Satoshi”

The bust was designed by sculptors Rica Gergeli and Tamas Gili, who provided the design of a hooded person wearing a jacket with the symbol of Bitcoin. The cap is a nod to the mystery of the creator’s identity and, according to the artists, represents “the people of the Internet”.

Choosing a material similar to the mirror placed on the face is a nod to the “we are all Satoshi” philosophy, as if bitcoin belongs to everyone because it is not produced by any traditional bank.

András Györfi, one of the project’s creators, stated that the face is of little importance when compared to the revolutionary work that opened a chapter in the history of the Internet.

For the build, which has yet to be announced, there was crowdfunding from four Hungarian crypto-related institutions – Mr. Coin, Crypto Academy, Blockchain Association Hungary, and Blockchain Budapest. Local news portal Index reported that 53,000 Brazilian riyals were collected.

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The mysterious identity statue is not the first in Hungary. The country already has a bust of Anonymus in Városliget, another park in the capital, Budapest.