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My WhatsApp was stolen! See what to do in this case

a The WhatsApp It announced fixed new features in order to ensure and provide security for its users. However, criminals are also not resting and are looking for new ways to commit digital fraud. As the year comes to an end, malicious scams tend to increase.

A common scam that occurs through in-app conversations via links. The fraudster impersonates a company and redirects the access link to the victim. By clicking on and filling in the required terms, user data is stolen.

Fake links often offer some kind of promotion and require security validations. Through these supposed checks, the victim provides access data such as passwords, for example.

In addition to passwords, logins, and sensitive personal information, a file cyber criminals Are able to access the user’s contacts. In some cases, it is possible to hack and take over a WhatsApp account, incl.

What do you do if this happens to you

If this happens or will happen, it is necessary to inform the platform. The user has to request to retrieve the profile from WhatsApp itself.

According to the information on the official page of the application, the victim must communicate by phone. Then confirm the security code received by SMS. Thus, the fraudster will be automatically disconnected from the tool.

It is worth noting that it is recommended that the user generate a two-step security code. If this is not done and the cybercriminal decides to do so, the recovery process will take longer. In this case, you have to wait seven days to access the account without the two-step code.

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However, in the same way, WhatsApp will dismiss the malicious user. This always happens after the profile owner is informed of the code received via SMS.

WhatsApp profile theft could end in court

In some cases, the platform may not be able to prevent the attacker from using the data. Therefore, in light of the situation, it will be necessary to summon the courts so that action can be taken.

The victim will need to register the crime with the Virtual Crime Police. Keep all evidence of what happened, such as screenshots, emails, snippets, and conversations as possible.

How to find out if someone is accessing my WhatsApp profile

A tip to determine if there is any intruder on your network is to contact WhatsApp Web. In fact, just try to connect.

Open the app options and tap on WhatsApp Web. If someone else is connected, you can check them on the same screen.

Another tip is to always keep your app up to date and use two-step confirmation, as described earlier. In fact, it is worth using all available security mechanisms.

Go to the Settings/Modifications area of ​​the app. Then click on account login – two-step confirmation – activate the service. After the procedure, you will need to create a six-digit password (PIN) and provide a confirmation email.

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