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Muslim maniac, Syrian immigrant in Colorado massacre shooting

More and more details have emerged about Ahmed al-Aliwi Alice, the culprit in the ten Colorado shootings that killed her on Monday. The Muslim man was born in Syria and was still a small child when he moved to the United States with his family. His community and friends said he sympathized with various Islamic groups in the Middle East, including the Islamic State terrorist organization, and that in parallel, former President Donald Trump continued to attack his anti-immigration policy. The killer often opposed the so-called “Islamophobia” and openly identified this widespread notion with racism. He previously had a police case for beating one of his classmates. According to press reports, Ahmed al-Aliwi is being investigated by the FBI in another case involving one person.

As for Orego AnnouncedTen people, including a police officer, were killed Monday in an attempted armed assassination attempt at a King Supers store in Boulder, Colorado, about 45 miles from Denver.

Name of policeman Eric Daly, who He was 51 years old and the father of seven children.

According to press reports, he was one of the first people to arrive at the scene of the shooting.

The age of ten deaths ranged from 20 to 65 years.

Boulder was shot dead by officers during an armed attack during the massacre, he was first taken to hospital and taken to jail on Tuesday.

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Left-wing Democratic documents set the white man as the first to attack ten men Described, A few hours later, the police reported it Ahmed Al Aliwi Alyssa His name is 21 years old. His nationality was not immediately released.

Who is Ahmed Al Aliwi Alisa really?

A CBS Denver According to The killer was born in Syria, as evidenced by his Facebook profile. Colorado police confirmed the news Tuesday. Local officials added: Ahmed al-Aliwi Alyssa, a Syrian-American born in 1999, came to the United States from Syria in 2002 with his family when he was three years old. More precisely to the city of Arvada in Colorado, which is 34 miles from the site of the armed attack, Boulder.

Employees at the Canadian Post Millennium This is called focusAhmed al-Aliwi Alyssa frequently expressed his views on political and religious issues on his Twitter page, although he did not separate the two topics. Based on these, it is clear that he is an Islamist.

The attacker of the latter often opposed the so-called “Islamophobia” and identified this broader concept directly with racism. According to him, this is an Islamist expression that in many Western countries, women cannot wear face shawls.

Many inputs show it Ahmed al-Ali Alyssa, a former US president, has been widely criticized for his anti-immigration measures, sometimes praising him as an unworthy token. According to the killer Migration is a good thing that America needs. In early 2019, it will expel illegal immigrants from the United States in protest of the widening of the Mexican-US border fence.

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The killer’s brother first asked him to put his name on hold Said To Daily Beast reporters. He said his brother was a paranoid and very anti-social man, he had mental problems.

The shooting on Monday could be linked to these issues, he said, adding that there was no political motive for it. However, the Syrian man did not talk about whether the possible mental disorder was confirmed by medical expertise.

Ahmad al-Aliwi, a friend of Alyssa’s, gave an interview on the subject, Damien Cruz There is. Cruz told reporters The killer often talked to him about political and related religious issues. For example, he was told that Muslims in the United States are being mistreated, so he cannot set up a garden on his social page to refer to the Islamic State (ISIS) as a profile picture or to express sympathy for the infamous terrorist organization. According to him, many also complained that he sometimes described his name in Arabic script on various social platforms.

The attacker has another acquaintance, who did not mention his name He said To the Denver Post He was violent, he had been wrestling since high school, and could once be linked to threatening to kill his teammates.

A person plays cello in memory of the victims on March 23, 2021 at a memorial set up in the parking lot of the King Supers store in Boulder, Colorado.Source: MTI / AP / David Zalubowski

A CBS4 Based on your informationAhmed al-Aliwi Alyssa was arrested in November 2017 for beating one of his high school classmates, but was eventually released.

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Tuesday Wrote about it According to their information, the New York Times Ahmed al-Aliwi Alyssa was under the watchful eye of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) because he was in contact with a person who was being investigated by the FBI in another case. No further details were provided about the FBI, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has not yet commented.