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Municipal students project featured in first place at Ciência Viva 2021

Municipal students project featured in first place at Ciência Viva 2021

The “Digital Game, Real Culture” project, developed by primary school students from Sebastiana Silvera Pinto Municipal School, won two prizes at Ciência Viva 2021. The rankings were announced on Friday (12) and the project took first place in Primary School 1 and Popular Vote categories .

The “Digital Game, Real Culture” deals with the diversity of Brazilian indigenous culture and deals with aspects such as the reasons for naming the indigenous people as Indian, their religion, beliefs, food, medicine, housing, dance, handicrafts, as well as indigenous words. Origin and main races. The students who developed it also demonstrated the resistance of the indigenous people against the invasion of their lands. One of the interesting things is that the games are developed by the indigenous community. The project is developed through digital technology using conversation wheels, interviews and games.

For teacher Stella Jacinto, who is supervising the project, I had the honor to participate in Ciência Viva. “It gives us great pleasure to be able to encourage children to develop science. Being in the first place is also very good, because it shows the community’s recognition of our work,” he said.

The school unit director, Rosana de Sousa, was also thrilled with the ratings. “It is an incentive for us to continue our journey, preparing the children. I hope that other exhibitions will come so that we can participate and engage in new projects,” he affirmed.

long live science

Ciência Viva is an exhibition that takes place annually and is open to the public. It is an opportunity for Uberlândia Basic Education students to share their experiences and present scholarly work. Among the objectives of the exhibition is the dissemination and dissemination of science and the promotion of the development of creativity and innovative and investigative skills capable of awakening and revealing calls, in addition to contributing to the formation of the citizen among students.

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The theme for Ciência Viva 2021 is its main theme “The Intersection of Science, Technology and Innovations for the Planet”, in line with the theme of National Science and Technology Week.

Project “Digital Game, Real Culture”

Sebastiana Silvera Pinto Municipal School, located in the district of Aurora

disciples: Flavian Keithlin Chaves Borges da Silva (fourth year), Marcela Correa Caixita (fourth year), Nicoli Kristin Gusmao (fifth year)

Project advisor: Stella Santana da Silva Jacinto

Project advisor: Daniele Aparecida Duarte