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'Mum Lugar au Sol': Elenis will set up a stand at Noka's restaurant and be humiliated by Lara |  Come to me around - come

‘Mum Lugar au Sol’: Elenis will set up a stand at Noka’s restaurant and be humiliated by Lara | Come to me around – come

As if she were any customer, Grandma Lara would take good care of her, who wouldn’t even know who the snake she was dealing with. But Lara knows very well:

“Sorry, but I’m in the middle of my business. And if you’re here for this, I ask, please, that you leave,” Lara will say when she sees her.

In ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’, Lara (Andréia Horta) faces Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira). In the photo, the girl is next to her grandmother Nuka (Marita Severo) – Photo: Globo

But Elenice wants to be present:

“Get the words out of my mouth, my love. That is exactly what I have come to ask: that you withdraw from my son’s life, yes?”

In the face of the girl’s embarrassment, she will gloat:

“Attention, my dear: I pulled Renato out of the hole. And I won’t let him fall somewhere else now. In fact, I never hardened efforts to save my son, and now I won’t either.”

▶ Review: Elenes catches Christian / Renato kissing Lara

Elenes catches Christian/Renato kissing Lara

Elenis insults Lara

Elenis insults Lara

Could it be the young Lara, But she will also prove to be good in combat and will hit a big name: 💪

“Funny I don’t have a mother, but…”

“Okay, you can see that,” Ellens replies.

“Renato once told me that sometimes it’s better for me not to have one, and I thought it was cruel to him…But now, knowing you, I understand what he’s talking about.”

In “Mother Lugar au Sol”, Elenes (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) will be humiliated by Lara (Andrea Horta) – Photo: Globo

Speaking of Renato, Christian / Renato will also appear and try to kick Elenes out of the restaurant:

“Get out of here now, come on, before I lose my mind.”

At ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond) will kick Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) out of the restaurant – Photo: Globo

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19 February


Barbara and Nicole follow Christian / Renato’s car. Christian / Renato Lara apologizes for Elenes’ situation. Barbara and Nicole watch when Christian / Renato kisses Lara. Nicole does not allow Barbara to go to meet Christian / Renato. Barbara asks Elenes the fact that she never told her daughter-in-law about Christian/Renato’s relationship with Lara. Ravi was influenced by Tayan’s story about his father. Tayan tries on the ring given by Nuka Lara.

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