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Multi-club group consultant John Textor has approached Chelsea CEO

Multi-club group consultant John Textor has approached Chelsea CEO

Senior advisor to Eagle Holdings, John Textor’s multi-club group that includes BotafogoCrystal Palace and Lyon, Tom Gleick is close to becoming a CEO at Chelsea, as revealed by Sky News.

Glick served as Director of Operations for Manchester Ciry and former President of New York FC, USA. It is worth remembering that it was recently acquired by Chelsea by a consortium led by Clearlake Capital Todd Boyle, co-owner of the LA Dodgers for 2.5 billion pounds (16.1 million R$).

Tom Gleick was with John Textor in Rio de Janeiro in May and together the two watched the win over Fortaleza at Nelton Santos Stadium. Glick also accompanied the American businessman to the meeting in São Paulo who confirmed Botafogo’s entry into Libra.

At the end of May, in an interview with the channel “Fala Fogão”, Textor talked about the arrival of Tom Glick and how he can help Botafogo.

– As we go, the organization is now back in the top flight and we want it to go global, which is why we brought in someone like Tom Glick. He played baseball, then basketball, and then the chief executive of Derby County in England. Then Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer at Manchester City and City Football Group, and then at the NFL. So why does it matter? Because when we’re talking about baseball or basketball or soccer or soccer, a lot of the business is basically the same in terms of how you build the organization to identify talent, use videos, use data, and use people who will notice how you bring in partners strategy to do business better. Successful, featuring sponsors. She has a lot in common in running a sports entertainment business and building a global brand. That’s why you bring someone like Tom, who knows how to do it. Through baseball, basketball, football…so expect to see more people like Tom come to Botafogo! Tom will dedicate a lot of time to Botafogo, he really knows sports entertainment, especially football! More names like Tom, changes to our current team. Once again: It’s a big project and we have a lot of work to do – reveal Textor.

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