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Mozart saves Cruzeiro “Mansi” and leaves the others after “Expulsion”

The arrival of Mozart encouraged many changes in the cast Sea trip. Since the beginning of June, when this was announced, the coach has rescued the “forgotten” players by the former coach, Felipe Conscio, even asking for the return of the players who were dismissed by the former captain, as was the case with the midfielder Giovanni.

On the other hand, the new captain “opened up” to many other athletes in the team. With the arrival of the “package” of reinforcements introduced by the new Football Executive, Rodrigo BastanaThe changes were more noticeable.

In recent weeks, defenders Rodolfo and Lo Santos have been signed. Full-backs Norberto and Jean-Victor, as well as forwards Wellington Nimes and Dudu. Midfielder Giovanni returned from Ava. See, in the topics below, who ended up ‘forgotten’ and who ‘restored’ it before Mozart.

the forgotten’

Matthew Neres

The 22-year-old’s steering wheel was probably the main steering wheel that Mozart “forgotten.” He was only included by the coach in Cruzeiro’s 1-1 draw with Joyce, on June 12, for the third round of the Second Division. So far, Neres hasn’t got any chance of acting.

Neres came under fire GuaraniBut negotiations did not progress. In the news report, Bugre’s chief executive of football, former player Michel Alves, said he no longer believed in the transfer. “Because of the movement, even our team’s way, I don’t know if they’re going to walk,” he said.

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The young athlete’s director, Fabio Bettler, also indicated that Neres should follow Cruzeiro. “He has a contract with Cruzeiro and the club has not shown anything different from that so far,” the attorney general said.


reliable man Felipe Consio, another Joseph defender who ended up being “forgotten” with the arrival of Mozart. He was not even related to Cruzeiro’s last three matches in the second division of the Brazilian Camponato.

Even his future is uncertain after signings with Lou Santos and Rodolfo. Since Ramon and the cast still have Eduardo Brock and Paulo Weaverton, Joseph won’t have space in the strip.

Joseph was appointed in May, and played in six games for Cruzeiro.

(Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)

William Bisoli

Mozart chose to give more space to Thiago, who graduated from him Fox Corner I, on account of using Guilherme Bissoli, another striker referred to by Felipe Concio. Besoli has not been included in the last two games.

In an interview, after the 0-0 draw against Brazil-RS, Mozart was asked about the choice of Thiago. He stated that it was a technical decision based on the characteristics of the opponent.



Internally, Thiago considered one of the good values ​​of Cruzeiro’s base, and striker Thiago returned to earn chances after the arrival of Mozart. If he ends up relying on Felipe Concio, with the new coach, the 20-year-old has had chances in four games.


The young defender, only 19 years old, once again had chances with Mozart. So far, he has played three matches and had a great time. Under the leadership of Felipe Concio, Paulo was placed on a negotiable list.

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With the signings of Lo Santos and Rodolfo, Paulo may lose spaces again. However, in all appearances, he has overtaken Waverton, who was also formed on the Celestial Base, in the priority ladder of the cast.

Lucas Ventura

Like Cabral, defensive midfielder Lucas Ventura, aka Nonuka, was not part of Felipe Concio’s plans. With Mozart, on the other hand, the young athlete, who even won the contract renewal, became the starter of the team.

After three years without working in the Sky jersey, Nonuka won two chances and was convinced. He was among the first 11 in Cruzeiro’s draw against Brazil-RS (0-0, in Pelotas) and Curitiba (0-0, in Belo Horizonte).

(Photo: Gustavo Alexo/Cruzeiro)