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"Mostly...";  Milton Neves doesn't hold back a rotten and pottery flamingo pin with an extraordinary prize

“Mostly…”; Milton Neves doesn’t hold back a rotten and pottery flamingo pin with an extraordinary prize


The journalist unleashed creativity, but Robro Negro was left with a push

Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

France Football magazine has announced the creation of the “Sócrates Prize”, which will highlight players and athletes who have made an impact on social projects. The magazine has a tradition of rewarding the best players in the world and was innovated with the ad released on Wednesday (21).

However, the world famous football publishing initiative The creativity of Milton Neves, who quickly thought of possible prizes for which players would be inspired: “Zico Award” for Best Free Kick, “Ronaldinho Gaucho Award” for Best Dribbling, “Roberto Carlos Award” for Strongest Kick, “Zito Award” for Best Leaders, “Garrincha Award” for the athlete loved by the public, were the examples Milton cited.

However, Gabigol was left with a sting regarding the hypothetical prizes: “The Gabigol Award for the Most Unsympathetic Player in Football”. Lately, the journalist has been standing on Gabigol’s feet a lot, either due to performance-related factors, or because of his No. mushrooms:

Listen here: flamingo? How much was a flamingo? Gaby’s previous goal scored how many goals? He only scores an easy goal, fights with the referee, with archers and they score from a penalty ”, Cornette Melton after Mingao’s defeat against Fluminense. About a month ago, the journalist doubted Gabigol’s potential: “For me, the current Flamengo has an Achilles heel” in the name of Gabriel Barbosa. He, who was formerly Gabigol and is now Gabi X Jules, is going through a bad phase in his red and black jersey. He scored, that’s right, against Ceará. But before that, against Velez, a match in which Pedro scored three times, the striker managed to waste Two great goals,” the journalist shot against Gabi.

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