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Most of the vaccinated countries in the world, Seychelles records a large number of Covid-19 cases

According to the data of the Ministry of Health in the African country, 314 injuries were recorded on May 8, an increase of 119% over the first day of the month.

Reproduction / Seychellois Ministry of HealthThe country is witnessing a high moment in the number of new cases of the disease

The country is the most vaccinated population so far, Seychelles An increase in the number of new cases has been recorded Covid-19 In the last days. to me Ministry of Health African country, there was 314 Infections on May 8, show an increase of 119% during the first day of the month, when 137 Positive tests were revealed. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country 8.172 And 28 deaths due to the disease are currently in place 2.486 Currently infected cases. The Seychelles Ministry of Health also reported that 63% of the cases reported last week had not been vaccinated or had received only one dose of the vaccine. Another 37% received the two doses, and 57% received the two doses Sinopharm And 43% of Oxford university. Finally, the Ministry said that most of the severe cases of the disease occurred to people who were not vaccinated, and that no citizen who received the two doses of vaccinations did not die due to the disease. According to the platform Our world in data, 61.1% of the population has already been vaccinated.

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