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Most of the racist posts on Twitter are from the UK

Most of the racist posts on Twitter are from the UK

Recently, it was clarified that verifying the identity of Twitter users will not prevent racist comments on stage against black players in the England football team that took place at the Euro 2020 Championship Games.

The second one The update was posted on Twitter U.K.


The company said racist tweets were coming in from all over the world, but most came from the UK. In addition, according to Twitter, automated tools identified and removed 1,622 racist tweets during the competition and within 24 hours.

Of the deleted tweets, only 2% were viewed more than a thousand times, according to Twitter. In fact, the application has been misused on the platform for a long time. After the boycott in 2017, CEO Jack Dorsey promised they would take a “very serious stand” on enforcing their rules.

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Since then, the company has introduced resources in an effort to curb abuses such as allowing them to hide replies or restricting who can respond to their tweets.

Twitter continues to work on ways to avoid sending racist and abusive posts.

Additionally, Twitter has created a feature that “automatically blocks accounts using malicious language, thus preventing them from interacting with your account”.

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