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Mortal Kombat 12 Inadvertently Revealed as a Product

Mortal Kombat 12 Inadvertently Revealed as a Product

Community human kombat It’s been crazy the past few days. Not only has the franchise’s reboot sequel been confirmed in theaters, but clues about the next title in the series have also appeared in the games.

“accidental revelation” Mortal Kombat 12 Made by Jonathan Andersen, a product Senior at NetherRealm, who posted an “innocent” photo online. In the picture you can see clearly unfairnessmagazine covers around the fight series and even some arcades. But the intriguing part was hidden in one of the screens, where you can see a folder called “MK12_Mast…”.

the picture was Delete it quickly By Andersen, but you know how it is: Once online, forever online. Fans saved the photo (which you can see below) and started searching for more information.

A photo posted by a NetherRealm employee may have shown signs of early MK 12source: Jonathan Andersen / Reproduction

And that’s where the conspiracy theory begins: A lot of people think this is all part of a plan to start spreading the word about next one human kombatit should arrive before Injustice 3. After all, on the screen itself it is possible to read part of what appears to be an email that says contain “confidential” information It should not be shared.

At the end of the message, whether it’s real or just part of a pre-marketing campaign, the text says that Fans of the series “Clean the Internet”. For news and information. Finally, the person asks the recipient to takeextra care with this article.

While this isn’t exactly a confirmation, we have to agree that all of this is, to say the least, highly questionable. What is your opinion? the Official Announcement of MK 12 Is it close or is it just a misunderstanding?

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