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More than 70 million have silver or gold gov.br accounts;  See how it works – additional income

More than 70 million have silver or gold gov.br accounts; See how it works – additional income

The gold or silver account on the gov.br platform enjoys greater security
Marcelo Casal Junior/Brazil Agency

several Digital public services Requires a gov.br account at Gold or Silver levels, which requires further authentication, such as facial recognition and authorization via the app. Just like a pre-filled income tax return and a forgotten refund from the central bank, negotiating a country’s debt Open Brazil You will also need this type of security.

The new phase of the debt renegotiation program is scheduled to start at the end of September for people earning up to the minimum wage (R$2,640), with outstanding bills of up to R$5,000.

The gov.br account is used to access 4,200 digital services, such as Meu INSS, Digital Pass, Income Tax Declaration, and now Desenrola. It is part of the federal government’s platform, which already has 150 million registered citizens, according to the Ministry of Administration.

There are three levels of security: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with Bronze being the basic level, and Gold being the maximum security.

To obtain a silver account, a citizen must perform facial recognition to verify their photo with the CNH (National Driver’s License). It is also possible to have an account at this level by verifying the validity of your data in one of the banks approved by the gov.br platform.

The Gold Account is the account with the highest level of security, allowing access to any digital public service. To reach this level, it is necessary to perform facial recognition based on electoral court data, use the QR code on the CIN (national identity card) or even use a digital certificate compatible with ICP-Brazil.

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See step by step

How to register?

Registration takes place directly on the federal government portal:

Visit www.gov.br;

• Select “Enter using gov.br”;

• Enter your CPF number and click Continue to create or change your account.

• When registering, the citizen fills out a simple form, and his data can be verified by the Federal Revenue Service or INSS. Registration can also be done at an INSS agency or at Senatran centres. However, this form only allows Bronze level;

• To move to the Silver level, citizens must have facial biometrics with their driver’s license, be a federal government employee or log in through their bank, if it’s an approved bank. They are: Banco do Brasil, Banresol, Bradesco, Banco de Brasília, Caixa Economica, Cecube, Santander, Itao, Agibank, Secredi, and Mercantile do Brasil. Remember that citizens must register their phone number with their bank to receive an SMS confirmation of arrival;

• The Gold Account requires facial recognition through the application to verify your photo in the Electoral Tribunal (TSE) databases or verify its authenticity using the QR code on your national ID card or using a digital certificate compatible with ICP-Brasil;

• To upgrade your gov.br account from Bronze to Silver or Gold, you can also use the gov.br application and follow the instructions. The application itself already provides the opportunity to increase your account level.

What is a gov.br account?

The gov.br account is the definition that proves in digital media that a citizen is a citizen. With it, you can securely identify yourself when accessing digital services, such as income tax return, SUS services, online social portal and Enem. It is free and available to all Brazilians.

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In addition to accessing services, a gov.br account also makes it possible to submit your digital documents – such as a digital pass – and sign documents electronically and make a digital proof of life.

If you have any questions about the gov.br application, access gov.br/conta page.