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More than 5000 PS4 Pro illegal mining detected

More than 5000 PS4 Pro illegal mining detected

mining farm Cryptocurrency It was discovered and disassembled in Ukraine on charges of stealing electricity – the famous “cat”. It’s just going to be one case among many like this, but the size and mode of operation are remarkable: there have been more than 5,000 PS4 Pro miners involved.

The information comes from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU, for its original abbreviation), which claims that the shed with mining consoles stole the equivalent of $256,648 in energy. That’s roughly 1.35 million Brazilian reals at the current dollar rate.

Shed with thousands of PS4 Pro in VinnytsiaSource: SBU

The warehouse full of PS4 Pros was discovered in Vinnytsia, along with a power distribution company called Vinnytsiaoblenergo. The proximity and amount of stolen power put some Vinnytsiaoblenergo officers on the SBU’s suspect list, but company officials deny any involvement.

The State Security Administration, like many of these agencies, has a history of suspected abuse of power and unfounded accusations against it. Ukraine’s pro-crypto blockchain organization Blockchain Ukraine says the security agency often confiscates equipment without legal justification, and Vinnytsiaoblenergo also claims he has no stolen authority and expects the SBU to provide evidence motivating him on his latest actions.

Consoles are not known to offer good mining performance, which is the factor known as hash rate. If the mining farm wasn’t really stealing energy, it’s hard to imagine that it was making that much of a profit.

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