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More than 23 billion Rls can be withdrawn;  understand

More than 23 billion Rls can be withdrawn; understand

as PIS / Pasep . classes Refer to a correction made by the current rules. In this way, the sums are paid to people who worked with an official contract in the public or private service between 1971 and 1988. According to Caixa Econômica Federal data, only 181.3 thousand people sought to withdraw.

This means that it is still there More than 23 billion Brazilian riyals are available for withdrawal. Amounts can be withdrawn until July 1, 2025. Those who have not contacted Caixa to withdraw their share may forfeit their entitlement after this deadline. It should be noted that in cases where the person owed money has already passed away, the legal heir can withdraw.

Anyone interested in a job consultation in the corresponding period can search for a branch of Caixa Econômica Federal directly or use the “My INSS” application. The app can be downloaded from the Android or iOS App Store. To answer any questions, you still have a phone 0800-726-0207. It should be noted that the PIS/Pasep stakes are not related to the bonus paid each year which was already announced for January.

The PIS / Pasep Fund can only be withdrawn once in a lifetime, and therefore different from the bonus that is paid annually. It is noteworthy that in June 2020, the PIS / Pasep Fund was linked to the Employment Compensation Fund – FGTS, therefore, it is also possible to consult through the Caixa FGTS application and Internet banking.

For those who have a citizen card, withdrawals of up to R$3,000 can be made at ATMs, lotteries and Caixa Aqui. Values ​​higher than this only in branches.

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