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More rumors about Mortal Kombat 12;  Possible announcement at The Game Awards 2021

More rumors about Mortal Kombat 12; Possible announcement at The Game Awards 2021

human kombat It celebrates its 30th birthday in 2022. In addition, some reliable sources have said in the past that NetherRealm Studios will produce MK (a Mortal Kombat 12), instead of Injustice 3. Now, more rumors have surfaced about it.

First of all, it is worth clarifying that there is no history of these rumors that we will comment on. In other words, it is not a rumor from some websites or journalists that usually provide reliable leaked information.

What started the hum that something could happen at The Game Awards 2021 was that Ed Boon, who lives and works in Chicago, is in Los Angeles – the same place the awards will be held. On Instagram, John Tobias’ son shared a photo with his father and Ed Boone himself.

However, Ed Boon himself tweeted that he was at LA Comic-Con last weekend, so that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be at The Game Awards 2021.

However, there are many rumors circulating on the Internet about MK12. One A user on Reddit compiled It highlighted consistent rumors across all versions.

We have these three points:

  • the new human kombat It will be a combination of the previous three games (Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat X NS Mortal Kombat 11), featuring all characters (except guests). think of Triple Mk where Knesset Member, Armageddon. It would be the same logic.
  • 50 characters
  • Announcement at The Game Awards 2021 on December 9.
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Other details turned out to be different depending on the sources (from an unhappy NetherRealm Studios employee who decided to leak the data, to the employee’s ex-girlfriend who cheated on her). For example, in one case, the gameplay will be the same MK11 But with some modifications, new characters and content. Another source says that the mechanics of Run (Race, are in MKX) will return.

while compilation human kombat It would require less work than a game made from scratch – and it would still make sense to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary – the rumors made sense.

Anyway, consider it all a rumor and wait for the Game Awards on December 9th to confirm.