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When does the FGTS review appear with an average value of R$10,000?

More people will be able to request a review of the FGTS in 2022, and the amount that will be received may rise to 72,000 R$

Raise the minimum wage first. De Janeiro will expand the number of people who will be able to benefit from federal special courts in FGTS review applications. Currently, the maximum order value is R$66 thousand, which is equivalent to R$60 minimum wage, and as of January, the value will increase to R$72.6 thousand.

To calculate FGTS revision value, you can use the tool for free FGTS LOIT, available at https://fgts.loitlegal.com.br .

FGTS Critical Correction

FGTS review request, in order to exchange TR for IPCA, is the only measure that neutralizes inflation and protects the saver’s assets. Without the review, the worker, the owner of the money, can lose up to 10% of the depositors, only with the inflation of 2021. The matter will be decided in the STF, but it is important that the worker enters as quickly as possible. requests in court.

Inflation in 2021 was high and forced the government to “correct the minimum wage in cash” by 10%, which is expected to rise from R$1,100.00 to R$1,210.44, a value that should come into effect from January 1, 2022 with The increase, the minimum wage ceiling was changed to the Federal Special Court from 66 thousand Brazilian reals to 72.6 thousand Brazilian reals.

Ceiling height comes at a convenient time.

Raising the ceiling of the special federal courts allows more people to enter through a form right to questionWithout a lawyer and without expenses and fees. In many cases, exceeding the cap value, it is more appropriate for the worker to forego the excess amounts to collect the costs and hire a lawyer. This problem will also be reduced by a higher ceiling.

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to Gabrielle Lucas, of LOIT FGTS, the startup that does FGTS audit accounts, “Sometimes the order of the worker is 70 thousand, and then he had to waive the difference to go to court. Even for higher values, such as 75 to 80K, the change at least reduces the amount of money a person loses to stay in the JEF, which is faster and safer for the worker.”

To learn more about changing from TR to IPCA and making a free calculation of how much a FGTS audit can bring you, visit LOIT FGTS (https://fgts.loitlegal.com.br).