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More If you get it wrong, you serve meat to Jade Picon and annoy Ana Maria Braga

More If you get it wrong, you serve meat to Jade Picon and annoy Ana Maria Braga

After Taís Araujo, Jade Bacon He was the new victim of error in the production of Mais Você. at the invitation of Anna Maria Braga To be a judge on the Super Chefinhos board, the influencer had to be hastily substituted because it is vegetarian and the final dishes were all made with meat. Annoyed the error presented.

to me the newsGlobo Communications confirmed that “participation [de Jade]but she It must be replaced due to dietary restrictions“.

Recording took place at the beginning of the month, at Globo Studios, on a Sunday. Jade even went to the place, got dressed and only knew what was in the food at the time of the recording. Finalist dishes were salmon, chicken and red meat.

At the same time, Jade politely informs her that she is a vegetarian and that she cannot taste dishes. She even remembered the times she was confined to BBB 22 and didn’t eat what she had at Xepa. The climate was general, and Anna Maria was obsessed with this production slip.

In 2017, they were invited to participate in the Globo program, Taís Araujo hasn’t tried today’s recipe (Pumpkin gnocchi) prepared by the presenter of the program because she does not eat vegetables. At the time, the actress was criticized on social media for her attitude, as viewers saw her attitude as insignificant.

With Jade’s refusal – who left without participating in the panel and program – Louro Mané replaced the girl as a contest judge. The panel will air in October, and Jade’s participation was a warm-up to her debut as an actress Transitwhich occurs in the same month.

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Check out the pumpkin ring below: