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More difficult than giving birth

More difficult than giving birth

Bianca Andrade, 26, breathed about her period of getting used to breastfeeding. The digital influencer said it was harder than giving birth. Baby Kris was born last Thursday (15) in São Paulo.

Through Stories on Instagram, Bianca said the start of breastfeeding hasn’t been easy. “The postpartum wasn’t easy. I’m going to vent for you. It took me 20 hours to give birth, but breastfeeding is harder than giving birth. I’m talking to you about this for embracing other mothers at this point who are struggling at this point in breastfeeding.”

The digital influencer spoke out about the pain I’ve been feeling, but that’s gaining strength to get through these turbulent days. “The chest hurts so much, the nipple cracks, it bleeds. It all happened to me. This is where we somehow know the strength of a mother. It’s the dawn trying to breastfeed and the baby… It’s a dance between I it is him. These days are very difficult, but we are developing. I look and say I won’t give up on you, my mother can take it.”

Bianca shared with her followers that today was the first time she was able to breastfeed without experiencing so much pain. He said, “The first time I was able to breastfeed without so much pain. I always felt a lot of pain, but I’m strong. I even judged myself and asked where is that woman who can handle the pain.”

In one of the pictures I wrote about the day of breastfeeding. “You have no idea how happy I was to be able to breastfeed for the first time in a peaceful way. Without crying in pain,” he wrote.

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Despite this, Bianca said she is fine, as are her son and Fred. “It’s okay with me, Chris and Dad,” she celebrated. “It’s been a week tomorrow since I gave birth to this little angel, this hot boy.”

Bianca Andrade talks about breastfeeding on Instagram Stories قصص

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