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Moraes and Fachin voted in favor of a criminal complaint against Eduardo

Moraes and Fachin voted in favor of a criminal complaint against Eduardo

and Ministers Alexander de Moraes and Edson Fashin, of Supreme Federal Court (STF), voted in favor of accepting a criminal complaint against federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP). This is a case brought by Federal Representative Tabata Amaral (PSB-SP) due to the criticisms leveled by the parliamentarian against her colleague.

In October 2021, Eduardo said on social media that the Tabata bill, which deals with the distribution of pads in public places, was planned in favor of businessman Jorge Paulo Lehmann – part of the P&G group, manufacturer of pads.

At the trial, which took place in the virtual plenary session of the STF, Fachin followed Moraes’ vote. The minister said that Eduardo had made “misogynist” remarks, crossing the limits of parliamentary immunity.

Moraes concluded in his vote that “Eduardo extrapolated his parliamentary immunity for publicly expressing statements that are hostile to women and are not in line with the principles enshrined in the Federal Constitution, the illegality of which must be duly assessed by this Supreme Court.”

Minister Dias Toffoli, rapporteur of the case, had already voted against the investigation, since, according to his understanding, the deputy’s statements would be covered by parliamentary immunity. Judgment is in the STF until March 3. The votes of eight ministers are still missing.

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