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Missing nursing technician found dead in DF

Nursing technician staff Danian da Cunha Januario da Silva, 35 years old, was found in Brazil this Wednesday (3/8). The woman has been missing for eight days, since she left her home, in Riacho Fundo, at 10:27 p.m. Wednesday (27/7), to collect a debt from an acquaintance. Two men have been arrested by the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF), the motive for the crime will be financial.

Police located the victim’s body at 3:40 am today in the shrub area of ​​Incra 8, near Paraíso do Angicos inn, Setor Norte, Brazlândia.


According to investigations by the 29th Police Station (Riacho Fundo), Danyanne worked in loan sharing and was going to collect the debts of his fellow hat maker – one of the suspects arrested by PCDF. According to the information he obtained capital Citiesthe hygienist charges the man a 10% interest.

The suspect was an accomplice in a loan-sharing scheme and charged 20% interest on the loans, according to a police investigation.

borrowed money

A mother of two – aged 11 and 13 – Dania was last seen leaving the house to meet an acquaintance in front of the Madeira Forte Lar store, at Quadra 1 in Riacho Fondo 1.

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“She loaned the money to an acquaintance. He told them to meet near a building house to pay. I got there, and then, she was gone,” Danny’s sister, Dallas Brasil, 44, a businesswoman, told the report.

on Monday (1/8), Police received information that the nursing technician’s car passed through the BR-040 at 0:27 a.m. Thursday (7/28).. Hyundai ix35 was black, license plate JHW-3899.

The car was heading towards Valparaiso, but it was not possible to tell if the health professional was driving. The car was also seen spinning in Planaltina and Luziânia (GO).