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Minority report? The Pentagon is testing artificial intelligence that predicts the future

The US Army has conducted tests using an experimental artificial intelligence (AI) network capable of “anticipate the futureThe system will allow the Pentagon to determine possible future actions of enemies “days in advance,” according to the US Department of Defense. CD player.

movie style Minority Report (2002), the tool collects data from various sources, such as satellites, sensors, intelligence reports, radar, and others. Based on this information, AI attempts to anticipate opponents’ movements and assess patterns, anomalies, and trends between them.

The tests, titled “Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE)”, have shown promising results, according to US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) chief Glenn Vanherk. “GIDE embodies a fundamental shift in the way we use information and data to increase decision-making space,” he explained.

Tom Cruise was the protagonist of Minority Report – The New Law.Source: imdb/clone

Vanherek, who also heads the US Air Defense Command (NORAD), said the system could allow for deterrent measures to be taken before combat begins, thus avoiding further violent actions. In addition to the army, the resource will serve the civilian leaders of the country’s intelligence services.

Speed ​​up data analysis

All data used by GIDE is currently available for human analysis. However, the tool gets the job done faster, giving pentagonal in decision making.

Available in the cloud, the data is validated near-real-time machine learning, detecting patterns and reporting signals worth paying attention to, according to public NORTHCOM. In the most recent experiment, the algorithm successfully simulated taking a critical position.

Regarding concerns that He It can make decisions on its own in certain situations, putting lives at risk, VanHerck said, and the tool was created to analyze data only. “We don’t have decision-making machines,” he noted.

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