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Minister of Science and Technology complains of cut funding | Science and health

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Marcos Pontes used the word “harm” when mentioning the 2021 budget and the cuts that affected his portfolio.

“We are working with the budget for next year, and we see what we will do about the budget this year, which is a disservice, we will call it and this budget has already been compressed,” Pontes said, during a live broadcast on his personal Instagram page.

Pontes said he will meet with his team throughout the week to determine which projects will continue, which should wait and which will be stopped.

“It’s boring to say that, but it’s true, because there are certain types of projects in which there is a gap without a budget and this gap kills the project. Research is not something that you can turn on and off like that, hour to hour. Other. That’s not there.”

Pontes announced in March a federally subsidized vaccine candidate for Covid-19. The study is supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, by employing a research group.

The minister went to Congress to request interest in science and technology when talking about health resources. “When it comes to investing in health, people only think about the Ministry of Health. It’s a mistake, because if you check, applying science and technology to health is also very important, in fact, from science and technology new things to roll out new vaccines, equipment and innovations. When it comes to health budgets, remember to also include science and technology. ”

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Pontes noted that all developed countries have invested “steadily and steadily” in science, technology and innovation. “Education, science and technology resources are not spent, they are investments.”