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Miner sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing wife with baseball bat in US

Miner sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing wife with baseball bat in US

Rs. (Photo: Ceclia Perdezoli / TJMG / Revelation)
Defendant was arrested last Friday (11/2) at Forum Lafayette in Belo Horizonte when he was sentenced by Judge Daniel Lead Chaos. The magistrate’s decision, however, was released this Tuesday (15/2) by the Minas Gerais Public Ministry (MPMG). He cannot appeal freely.

At the time, local police informed Idamarti that Edinelwa had been hit in the head and killed 15 days before his body was found in a decomposed state by colleagues. The victim, who worked as a cleaner, secretly emigrated to the United States in search of the “American dream” when she was 22, where she met the devil. They have been married since 2009.

Now, in a new chapter, during the full session of the jury, Judge Renata Vallado Noguevara proved that Lobes Linz provided worthy details that a disgusting behavior “reflects a cold, selfish and restrained nature.”

“There was no love, concern or zeal in the guilt-inducing jealousy, but rather a pure sense of the husband’s possession that he often called his wife’s family in Brazil to ‘contact’. ‘

According to Minas Gerais’s Ministry of Public Works, Paulo Sergio, motivated by a sense of possession, hanged Edinalva at the couple’s residence in the vicinity of Brighton, and left the body under strong air conditioning by an air conditioning unit to delay the state. He left the country where he lived for 10 years and returned to Brazil.

Arriving in his hometown of Sobralia, 54 km from Governor Valderes in the Rio Doss Valley, he attended a reception barbecue organized by his father-in-law, as if nothing had happened, describing part of the complaint.

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Defendant had been living in Soprilia until September 22, 2011, when the truth was discovered by Brazilian authorities and last week until the full session. In 2013, Paulo Sergio was jailed for 30 days.