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Minecraft is getting a new mod and users can play with the famous Mario from Nintendo

Minecraft is getting a new mod and users can play with the famous Mario from Nintendo

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The popular game Minecraft won a new mod on Wednesday, the 15th. In this game, players will be able to add the well-known Mario character during the important game. With the original gameplay of the 1996 Super Mario 64 by Nintendo 64.

Whoever came up with this new method was user Dylan, who posted a video on Twitter showing the modification. Your post went viral and got over 17,000 retweets. Although it is an exciting thing, The creator has stated that he does not intend to make the mod available for download due to Nintendo’s rules not allowing fan-created games and mods.

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In the video Dylan posted on his Twitter, you can watch Mario perform his performance Traditional skills such as running, jumping, punching, long jumps, swimming and hanging from the ceiling.

In an interview with IGN from the US, Dylan said he had already added Mario to other games and commented that he would like to release the mod. Minecraft and Mario fans were very optimistic about the future release of this mod.

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I’m working on #Maine Craft The mod that runs the Super Mario 64 engine! It’s really in progress at the moment, but here are some of the highlights. There is a lot of potential for the game, especially with ideas for players to build their own Mario courses to run or introduce speed racers trying to finish Minecraft in the shortest time with Mario.”

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