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Imagem de: Minecraft conseguiu somar 1 TRILHÃO de views no YouTube

Minecraft has added 1 trillion views on YouTube

Most people know phenomenon that Maine Craft It has become over the years, not just in terms of the number of players, but in the number of viewers who enjoy watching their favorite YouTubers and other content creators do things in the game. Such popularity is such that the game has reached an amazing YouTube milestone: 1 trillion views.

The record has been released with a new video called “Positive Vibes” which you can check out above. Views are the total views of each video Around Maine Craft on the Google content platform.

To get an idea of ​​how big this number is, YouTube itself offers an interesting estimate: if each view was just for a second – and we know it’s much more – then the total would represent 30,000 years of viewing Maine Craft.

This is the result of the game’s 12-year history, which originated in humble Mojang and is now one of Microsoft’s major revenue-generating vehicles.

The celebration of 1 trillion views is accompanied by not only video, but also private page Bring more data about the type of content created around the game. You can find out what types of videos are most successful in the world and by region – in Brazil, for example, animations from Maine Craft It was a huge success.

You can also use the site to check your personal contribution to this astronomical number of views. As much as you’re a fan, don’t expect a huge percentage in a world of one trillion views.