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Minas Gerais Agency | Unimontes launches Outstanding Women in Science Award

The Montes Claros State University (Unimontes) She launched, this Tuesday (8/3), the “Women in a Prominent Position in Science” award. The award is designed, as Unimontes pointed out, in the spirit that research is, in fact, a woman’s thing, to be recognized and appreciated.
Within the framework of the celebrations of International Women’s Day, the university honored a group of researchers from the institution and signed a decree to form the award’s organizing committee.

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“This tribute is very important. It is a tribute, respect and appreciation to the women present in science and universities. It is a tribute to all the women who occupy prominent and representative positions in society, but also to those who live a simple life and are very important in our coexistence”, says Dean Antonio Alvemar Souza. “The university is very important in recognizing the role of women,” adds Antonio, who chaired the ceremony along with the vice-rector, Professor Elva Roas de Abreu.

Professor Antonio Alvemar Sousa praised the importance of dates. “Only those who have not seen history books are not aware of this history. We have a society that still needs to do a lot for women. Nothing is better than starting this with an institution of higher education. She emphasized that the university is of great importance in recognizing the role of women.”


University Vice President Ylva Roas de Abreu draws attention to the struggle for equality and women’s rights. For her, the launch of the award made a difference.

“By creating this award, we believe that gender issues in science must be overcome. The presence and appreciation of women in research is central to the current political moment. Women make up more than half of Brazilian scientists, but they remain on the margins of power spaces in science. associative and managerial,” she notes.

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According to Elva, March 8th was always a day of struggle. “And we, women, professors and researchers in universities, come together in the various battles, for a greater appreciation of science, more postgraduate courses and scholarships for scientific initiation, which are fundamental to the training of new generations of scientists in Brazil.”

The vice chancellor also stresses that “Gender equality in any economic sector, and especially in the sciences, necessarily involves a different way of educating our society — not just them, but them too. Science is for women, yes. We, women, teachers, scientists, mothers. , and teachers, we need to demonstrate these values, and prove that, out of courage and perseverance, women were able to break a strict patriarchal world,” she emphasizes.


The objectives of the award were presented by the Dean of Research at Unimontes, Professor Claris Corsato.

The prize creation committee will be formed by six university professors, representing each field of knowledge: Adelica Aparecida Xavier (Agricultural Sciences), Marilia Chaves Andrade (Health Sciences), Patricia Takaaki Nieves (Xatas), Barbara Figueiredo Soto (Humanities) and Wagner De Paulo Santiago (Applied Social Sciences) and Dario Alves de Oliveira (Biology). They will be responsible for preparing notifications and setting award evaluation criteria.

The ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Dean for Research Professor Rafael de Moura.

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During the celebration of International Women’s Day at Unimontes, the university’s research professors were honored, represented by Productivity Fellows from the National Council for Development and Technology (CNPq).

The honorees are Research Professors Yul Roberta Nunes and Maria Olivia Simويسes, both from the Department of Biological Sciences. Andréa Eleutério Martins and Desirée Haikal from the Department of Dentistry; Maris Silvera from the Department of Exact Sciences. Claudia Maya from the Department of History.

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The virtual lecture “Women in Science: Challenges and Prospects through a Successful Path” concluded the programme. The topic was presented by researcher Vanessa de Castro, a Brazilian member of the IAEA team, headquartered in Austria, and one of the global references in the development of research related to phytosanitary treatments (for quarantine purposes) from irradiation, cold and heat with laboratories of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency itself.